Datacenter de proximité

Digital technology already represents 5.5% of France’s GDP and the Internet of Things market is set to reach around 40 billion euros by 2020 (according to French market researcher IDC). The digital wheels are turning and there will be no stopping them, given the constant digitisation of job roles and the extra processing required for data coming from connected objects.

Local datacenters: support hubs and local growth catalysts

The cloud and Internet of Things market, with the socio-economic issues arising from it, is booming so much that it has become hard to measure. It has also created new needs in terms of connectivity, data processing and data protection, increasingly requiring datacenters to collect and process large volumes of data. With speed a key concern, datacenters located near users have become essential.

In this context, local datacenters are true support hubs which have emerged to create a strategic network, help unclog networks and improve connectivity. Firstly, by installing new information superhighways and interconnection points in more local areas, information can be transmitted more quickly and efficiently to users. Secondly, these scalable local datacenters can adapt to the local market to meet most needs of those located in secondary areas.

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