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Bureau veritas & jerlaure join forces to create a new datacenter certification

5 Jun 2019|

Bureau Veritas, the world leader in compliance and certification, is joining forces with datacenter expert JERLAURE to design a unique new certification for datacenter projects. New local datacenters and data protection regulations (GDPR, CSPN [First Level Security Certification], etc.) are creating new performance and data location management requirements.

A local TIER III datacenter installed in Mayotte

5 Jun 2019|

Despite the location’s tropical climate, a PUE of below 1.5 will be achieved thanks to an innovative cooling solution. This computer service company renowned across the Indian Ocean sought JERLAURE’s assistance to help it implement its new project. The datacenter is part of JERLAURE’s SynEcTHIK DC range and is being developed in collaboration with architectural firm TAND’M.

Recovering lost energy – myth or reality ?

6 Feb 2018|

Digital technologies like the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, e-commerce and social media platforms are requiring more processing and storage infrastructure which consume increasing amounts of energy. Given that most of this [...]

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