The right datacenter strategy for your needs

Processing the data from connected objects has become a real socio-economic issue, leading you to consider the opportunities offered by the datacenter market..

Technological developments and business needs are also pushing you to look again at your information system hosting strategy. You want some support and assistance with funding your datacenter project.

  • Installing a datacenter
  • Choosing between internal and external datacenter hosting
  • Datacenter funding
  • Setting up a datacenter project

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Where and how should you install a new datacenter?

You want to facilitate a datacenter operator setting up in your region and need support to work out which location(s) is/are most suitable for a new datacenter and the type of public and/or private players who may be interested, depending on location and potential project volume.

You are considering investing alone or with others in a local datacenter project as an operator or financial investor and would like to examine its feasibility. To give your datacenter project every possible chance of success, JERLAURE has designed an end-to-end service which can be tailored to your strategy and objectives, from analysis and feasibility to location search and datacenter operations.


jerlaure expert datacenter France

What type of hosting should you choose for your information system?

You are considering different types of hosting and want some assistance deciding the best hosting solution for your particular needs.

As part of your strategy, you are outsourcing your information system and want some support choosing a host.

jerlaure expert datacenter France

How should you fund your datacenter project ?

JERLAURE offers support in finding the right funding solution for your project.