Trust JERLAURE to update or construct your datacenter

Since 1995, JERLAURE has been designing, building and supporting operations at datacenters of different sizes and types, totalling several thousand square metres. JERLAURE’s success and renown is the result of our ability to innovate, adapt and respond to emerging issues.

JERLAURE is able to take responsibility for all stages of your datacenter/IT lab update or construction project.

JERLAURE vous propose de prendre en charge l’ensemble des étapes du projet de réhabilitation ou de construction de votre Datacenter / Salle informatique, durant les phases d’études et de travaux.

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How can you update your datacenter without any downtime ?

Thanks to our proven experience and know-how, JERLAURE is able to update datacenters and server rooms without any operational hiatus. JERLAURE is an expert in all relevant areas and covers all areas required for your project.

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How should you build your future datacenter?

What kind of help should you seek??

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Datacenter installation with JERLAURE project management support

JERLAURE propose différentes missions pour vous accompagner dans votre projet de réhabilitation ou de construction de votre datacenter.

Datacenter installation with JERLAURE project management supportDatacenter installation with JERLAURE project management support

Assistance with managing your project

Your datacenter update, outsourcing or construction project is too complex and you are looking for external skills to help you manage it. You require assistance from a neutral player who can take charge of the project and guarantee that your needs are being properly considered. JERLAURE has over 20 years’ experience in the field. We are brand-independent, meaning we can come up with fully impartial tailored solutions to support you in bringing your project to successful fruition.

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Comprehensive project management (prime contractor)

Full management of your project

You are faced with cost, deadline and quality restrictions which you must respect as you are subject to a contract or agreed bill of specifications. You need to undertake consultations in order to install your datacenter and specific knowledge is required. You are lacking in time and skills and need support with managing the work and center handover.

When acting as prime contractor, JERLAURE is responsible for ensuring that all solutions comply as appropriate and has a duty to advise and forewarn you of all relevant elements. JERLAURE is constantly by your side, helping you design your project, set out plans, draw up technical documents and coordinate the work. We also help you manage contractor relationships.

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The turnkey solution (general contractor)

One service provider to manage every aspect of your project

You want support throughout your datacenter project to facilitate the process. Choose one service provider to manage your whole turnkey project. In this case, JERLAURE is in charge of the entire process from studies and analysis to datacenter handover and implementing operating and maintenance procedures.