The datacenter study: a key step for starting your project off on the right foot.

You want to build your own datacenter but do not know where to start. Or, perhaps your information system is currently hosted internally and you are looking at making some changes which could impact your datacenter.

You want to check your datacenter’s capacity, resilience and, if needed, the type, cost and feasibility of any corrective measures. Whether you are a public or private entity, a datacenter study is the starting point for your project and will enable you to decide on its scope.

This first stage enables you to move towards relevant and scalable technical scenarios, making use of appropriate technological innovations and with energy efficiency as the common thread.

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JERLAURE support

JERLAURE’s datacenter studies give you real insight into the technical elements required in your particular context.

Enjoy full support in the following situations:

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Among the different studies offered by JERLAURE

JERLAURE provides a range of studies suitable at different stages of your project, from scoping to ROI calculation.

Tasks Feasibility Studies Preliminary Studies Public Body Studies* (under €25,000)
Scoping X X
Technical and financial feasibility analysis X X
Solutions suggested & assistance with choosing a way forward X See what we offer
Financial studies (including grants) and energy saving certificate eligibility X
Indicator calculation (PUE, ROI, etc.) X

* Preliminary studies below the prescribed procedural threshold, which is faster and less expensive.

jerlaure expert datacenter France

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