Datacenter operations: assistance

With proven experience and expertise in the datacenter sector, JERLAURE will support you at all stages of your project and ensure your investment has long-term value by assisting during the first year your datacenter is open.

JERLAURE will also help you implement good practice to reduce your datacenter’s energy consumption.

jerlaure expert datacenter France

How can you guarantee your installations are available and durable ?

Keeping your datacenter in operational condition: a key service that ensures your information system remains available.

Want to concentrate on your business activity and free yourself from the burden of having to manage and maintain your datacenter? Trust JERLAURE to maintain your technical architecture and ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible with 24/7 support and a named contact.

JERLAURE is skilled in all relevant areas, working across different datacenter architectures to guarantee you the service level required.

  • Keeping your datacenter in operational condition

jerlaure expert datacenter France

How can you reduce your datacenter’s energy consumption ?

Energy costs vary between European countries. Despite being relatively low in France, they remain a concern for datacenter owners looking to reduce operating costs.

Finding your datacenter energy-intensive and want to optimise your operating costs? JERLAURE carefully analyses the main reasons for high costs and simulates achievable improvements, suggesting different solutions for your particular needs.

  • Existing datacenter energy optimisation

jerlaure expert datacenter France

How can you master the basic rules of urbanisation ?

JERLAURE helps you implement datacenter operational and management procedures. We also provide training for datacenter operators in the basic rules of urbanisation and installation management.

Training courses are individually tailored and teach you:

  • How to determine and articulate needs
  • The technical knowledge required to safely manage a datacenter
  • Good practice for reducing operating costs