A new datacenter certification will soon be available !

Bureau Veritas, the world leader in compliance and certification, is joining forces with datacenter expert JERLAURE to design a unique new certification for datacenter projects.

New local datacenters and data protection regulations (GDPR, CSPN [First Level Security Certification], etc.) are creating new performance and data location management requirements.

This certification proves that a datacenter project has been conducted in line with accepted standards and that resilience and performance requirements have been taken into account, providing an international professional standard for investors, operators and users.

« Glaring errors can sometimes occur when new datacenters are being designed and/or constructed due to a lack of knowledge from the companies running these projects. Even the location can be badly chosen, with sites in floodplains or earthquake zones, or too far from high-speed communications networks », reveals Claude Dos Santos, CEO at datacenter specialist JERLAURE.


The certification designed by Bureau Veritas and JERLAURE takes key criteria into account to effectively meet emerging needs. It comprises eight different areas covering projects from site evaluation to handover and keeping datacenters in operational condition, not forgetting « detailed design » !

The new certification will be available in the second half of 2018 and can be obtained by any eligible local datacenter. This mark of distinction will be issued by Bureau Veritas, the world leader in inspection, certification and laboratory testing, which is present in 140 different countries.


« A certification such as this is tailored to a particular context. Taking power supply as an example, the issues involved are different in Europe (where the electrical network is joined up and reliable), in the United States (where ensuring a reliable supply is a key issue) and in Africa (where having any kind of power supply is a challenge). In addition, regulations vary by country. The initial certification will be offered in France at the end of the year, before being modified so that in future Bureau Veritas engineers can support and certify datacenter projects in any country, » explains Laurent Midrier, VP Strategy & Innovation at Bureau Veritas.


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