Building tomorrow’s datacenter, today

JERLAURE has been designing and constructing datacenters for over 20 years using its own research unit of specialist engineers and datacenter experts. From financial and legal arrangements to datacenter utilisation and relevant IT services, JERLAURE supports you at every stage of your data project: STRATEGY, DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION and OPERATIONS.

JERLAURE comprises five agencies and works worldwide.

  • The company keeps a careful eye on market developments so we can design tomorrow’s datacenter, today. Innovative, specialist JERLAURE datacenters are in sync with:
    Ongoing measures taken by the French government to manage data location and energy footprint.
  • A community-minded approach favouring a digital economy local to users which encourages regional development.

In 2016, JERLAURE launched SynEcTHIK DC, a range of local datacenters connected to their environment and perfectly suited to this new market. In addition to the purely technical elements involved, this community-minded concept aims to develop the regional digital economy.

Learn more about JERLAURE in the video below