Datacenter studies below €25,000 (PUBLIC)

Preliminary studies below the threshold – quicker and less costly.

Datacenter studies

IT operators need insight into the technical elements they require to meet their particular needs. JERLAURE provides this insight in the following situations:

Server room energy optimisation

To reduce energy consumption, we hunt down any energy waste caused by poor server room design and/or use.

  • Identifying any factors outside accepted standards
  • Measuring pre-correction energy consumption
  • Analysing and providing precise figures for possible corrective investment
  • Estimating post-correction energy consumption
  • ROI in comparison with initial situation

CFD software is used to illustrate the “before” and “after”.

Sustainable development: can you make your datacenter sustainable?

JERLAURE Etude de faisabilité datacenter

JERLAURE datacenter feasibility studies

Datacenters are absolutely essential to businesses and must be available 24 hours a day. They consume energy both to power servers and to combat the heat they produce, known as “waste heat”.

We look at two strategies:

Using as little energy as possible to combat the waste heat by employing renewable energy where this is achievable and sensible via:

  • Water-side free cooling
  • Air-side free cooling (direct or indirect)
  • Geothermal free cooling
  • Air conditioning powered by waste heat absorption

Making use of the waste heat produced to:

  • Power an existing heating system (urban or company)
  • Heat a greenhouse, aquarium, swimming pool, etc.

These two strategies can be employed in combination. For example, you can use waste heat to warm up buildings in winter and geothermal cooling to cool down the datacenter in summer.

JERLAURE is an expert in these technological principles and has already implemented them at a range of sites. We can also carry out technical and economic feasibility studies to look at making your server room more sustainable.

 jerlaure expert datacenter France Datacenter studies below €25,000

  • Estimate waste heat source potential
  • Seek opportunities created by site location (renewable energy use)
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Financial studies including grants and energy saving certificate eligibility
  • ROI calculation