Datacenter audits and technical analysis for existing datacenters

With over 20 years of proven experience and recognised expertise in the datacenter sector, JERLAURE shares its skills to help you undertake technical analysis and bring your information systems up to standard. Our ability to innovate means you can enjoy the latest high-performance solutions which reduce your operating costs and energy consumption.

1. Audits for existing installations

Your datacenter has already been running for a few years and you want to carry out a full assessment to identify critical installations and equipment.

JERLAURE undertakes comprehensive studies (audits, financial estimates, recommendations) and offers a range of potential solutions to help you bring your existing installation up to speed.

2. Optimising costs and energy consumption

You want to upgrade your datacenter to extend its lifespan. It is energy-intensive and you want want to optimise your operating costs.

JERLAURE carefully analyses the main reasons for high costs and simulates achievable improvements, suggesting different solutions to meet your needs.

3. Obtaining relevant certification

You plan to undertake technical analysis at your datacenter to assess how well it conforms/if it is eligible for a particular certification (HDS, PCI DSS, Uptime Institute, etc.)

JERLAURE, has been accredited by Uptime Institute for several years and supports you in obtaining certifications where you need to prove that your operations meet certain security and availability standards.

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JERLAURE support

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When your datacenter is up and running, JERLAURE helps and guides you through all stages of facilities management, urbanisation, maintenance and operation cost management:

  • Technical and analytical audits of the site, your needs and any risk factors

  • Suggested enhancements (technical architecture, urbanisation)

  • Simulation of achievable improvements

  • Suggestions for new indicators and analytical methods

  • Help with implementing management and urbanisation processes