Co-owned datacenters: the new IT hosting solution

Discover the exceptional and comprehensive range of shared regional datacenters.
These centers are for any public or private entity wanting to have its own space within a shared local datacenter so that it can enjoy the benefits of cost-sharing.

A new regional datacenter concept

This new concept uses high-speed networks (HSN), connecting outstanding, pooled, regional IT platforms to encourage cloud development for professional use and the evolution of local computer services companies wanting to work in the field.

Datacenters with multiple advantages

This concept provides six datacenter types, each with the following strengths:

  • Adapt to any economic model
  • Scalable
  • Quick to implement
  • TIER III resilience
  • Easy to operate
  • Controlled investment and usage costs

These benefits are the cornerstones of our design process.

Datacenter Business Development is a comprehensive concept covering opportunity research, support with legal arrangements and modes of governance, installation and keeping datacenters in operational condition, as well as purely technical aspects.

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Download the graph of space management modes

Schema Datacenter régional - Jerlaure

The graph above shows how spaces are managed. Each entity has a dedicated IT space in which it can confidentially exercise its business whatever it may be.
Download the graph