Local datacenters

The local datacenter market is developing in a bid to:

  • Eliminate excruciating latency for certain applications
  • Improve availability and security
  • Unclog networks
  • Develop the local economy by surfing the international digital wave

SynEcTHIK DC: datacenters connected to their environment

The local datacenters in the SynEcTHIK DC range are real hubs connected to the rest of the world and can hold their own against larger centers.

These local datacenters:

  • Contribute to their region
  • Consume as little energy as possible
  • Use all opportunities created by their location
    (Geocooling – solar cooling – waste heat use – trigeneration – renewable energy use)

Unlike large datacenters which benefit from economies of scale, these local centers use optimised capex and reduced opex to function smoothly.

Ethical and high-performance datacenters

SynEcTHIK DC fully meet the demands of this new market.
In addition to the purely technical elements involved, this community-minded concept aims to develop the regional digital economy.

Because JERLAURE is committed to this ethical approach, there are now five SynEcTHIK DC local datacenter models in the range:>

  • Between 80 and 400 racks
  • High energy efficiency (PUE 1.15)
  • Using renewable energy
  • Using game-changing innovations

modele synecthik dc
The SynEcTHIK DC range can be built from scratch or installed within an existing building.
Their optimised capex/opex and ease of operation are factors prized both by operator-investors and their clients.