Testimonials from our customers

Construction of a regional, high-energy-efficiency, local datacenter

“Cyres selected JERLAURE because of the company’s expertise in designing and building high-energy-efficiency datacenters and its ideal focus on renewable energy (making use of waste heat, geothermal sources and free cooling). JERLAURE suggested an innovative cooling solution using indirect free cooling, a concept which continuously cools the datacenter using outside air without any risk of pollution (unlike direct free cooling techniques). JERLAURE’s support in designing and building our datacenter was in line with CYRES’s high expectations.”
Mr Yohann BERHOUC, Directeur général

Logo Université de Bourgogne

Construction of an environmentally-friendly datacenter for the University of Burgundy

“Following an engineering competition, JERLAURE took on responsibility for the datacenter construction programme we had developed at the University of Burgundy. The team suggested relevant solutions to meet the needs of our IT management team and integrate our legacy requirements. A solution involving making use of waste heat generated by the IT infrastructure was selected and implemented. The relevant studies were undertaken efficiently and the work was managed professionally. Our datacenter building was delivered on time and on budget.”
Mr Daniel NIEDERLANDER, Pôle Patrimoine

Construction of a datacenter to provide cloud computing services at the Paris site of the largest European telecoms operator

“JERLAURE’s ability to coordinate the work of different companies is noteworthy, as is its positive attitude when seeking effective solutions, with the project team consistently upbeat throughout their time as general contractors with us.
The building was delivered on time and on budget.
JERLAURE’s expertise in designing and constructing scalable, high-availability, eco-efficient datacenters and its teams’ commitment were key to the project’s success.”

Mr Adnane BOULERBAH, Power Manager, Power & Facility Design

Construction of two datacenters

“The schedule was met and the result as expected. Teams were committed and able to adapt to our requirements. JERLAURE was able to deal with different risks. Post-opening requests were managed properly in a good spirit of partnership. The two datacenters installed by JERLAURE have been operating well and in line with initial specifications for two years so far.
Technically, the solutions suggested and implemented represent a good compromise between operational safety, energy performance, investment costs and operating costs.”

Mr Ludovic BOILET, Acheteur

IT lab fit-out

“JERLAURE supported the prime contractor with works management and handover for a new datacenter fit-out. Thanks to its experience and know-how, JERLAURE helped us comply with technical constraints and abide by planned costs and timelines.”
Mr Alain CANOVAS, Adjoint au sous-directeur

Server room upgrade

“The Clermont-Ferrand server room upgrade project was awarded to JERLAURE following a tendering process and subsequently went well. The objectives set out in the specifications were met and the SNCF enjoyed fruitful relationships with the main stakeholders (the contracting authority, ASTI, JERLAURE and the technical auditing firm).”
Mr Rolland SALLIOU, Chef de projet

Logo La Creuse conseil général

Upgrading a military site to turn it into a datacenter

“The contractors involved by JERLAURE were experienced and thorough in their approach. The specifications were met and the deliverables produced of high quality.”
Mr Laurent CAZIER, Directeur de l’informatique et des systèmes de communication

Logo Département du Finistère

Creating a new IT lab

“Finistère Departmental Council was fully satisfied with JERLAURE’s project management support.”

New computer center fit-out

“Excellent work in a challenging context faced with limited time and a complex project.”
Mr Pascal Richard, IT management