Have a datacenter project in mind ?

JERLAURE will support you at every stage of your project:


Your information system hosting

When planning your information system, you should consider outsourcing. If your IT is already outsourced, think about having it in-house. What are the strengths and weaknesses of outsourcing and how much does it cost?
We help you choose between internal and external hosting.

Your datacenter study/audit

Your information system is stored internally and you are thinking about making some changes which will have an impact on it. Want to check its capacity, resilience and, if needed, the type, cost and feasibility of any corrective measures?
We carry out preliminary studies, feasibility studies and audits.

Your datacenter project technical programme

You are considering updating an existing datacenter or building a new one. Budgetary restrictions mean a structured approach is required to create a detailed technical programme which sets out the modus operandi, costs and timelines.

We provide you with a project management support programme.

Monitoring your datacenter installation

Your update or construction project for a new datacenter has now had its budget approved. Depending on the chosen modus operandi, you will need to select a prime contractor team or a turnkey-style general contractor. If you do not have sufficient datacenter expertise, you will need to ensure that you have the right support in place until handover and opening day.

We offer project management support

Comprehensive project management

Your datacenter update or construction project has had its budget approved and you have decided to proceed with a prime contractor. The detailed technical programme will allow you to move onto the datacenter design stage.

We offer comprehensive project management solutions

Your turnkey project

Your datacenter update or construction project has had its budget approved and you have decided to use a turnkey solution involving just one company. We will deliver your datacenter ready for use.

Datacenter energy optimisation

You want to reduce your datacenter’s energy consumption and make use of this financial leverage to implement indicators.

We optimise energy use at existing datacenters. Continuous uptime guarantees

You want to enjoy continuous service uptime guarantees for your in-house system like those offered by external hosts.
We keep your datacenter in operational condition to guarantee continuous uptime.